Brian Liston

Brian Liston is a designer and visual artist with a background in graphic design, film and art history. I strive to create beautiful things in every medium available to me.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected work

Artana is a small, independent board game company founded in 2015. Successor to Conquistador Games, Artana's games are known for unique thematic subjects and innovative game systems.

The Chronicles Series

A game system that's epic in scope, The Chronicles Series is five interconnected board games that span the history of Western Civilization.

Role: Animation, Illustration, Photography, Motion Graphics

Design & Photography

I'm responsible for the creation of many of marketing assets at Artana. I've shot photos and created designs for the Artana website, tinkered with the site's backend, and kept its content updated. I also have created print materials including signs for gaming conventions, stationary, and sales sheets.

Role: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting

Tesla Vs. Edison

Tesla Vs. Edison is Artana's latest boardgame, Kickstarted successfully in March 2015. Fight it out with your friends as Tesla, Edison, or one of three contemporaneous inventors for fame, wealth, and control of the burgeoning 19th century electric industry.

Role: Motion Graphics
Officially launching Summer 2016, Observe is a video production and animation studio focused on the music industry. Co-founded in 2015 by myself and designer Owen Carstensen, Observe will be a boutique production company specializing in time-based media designs tailor-made for musicians.

Fine Animal Album Release Show

Observe created video projections for Columbus-based band Fine Animal's album release show and documented their performance.

Role: Video Projection, Motion Graphics, Video Production
Originally founded in Silicon Valley, Involution Studios is a UX design studio based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Involution Studios designs enterprise software for healthcare companies.

Disrupt! Feature Article

Disrupt! is Involution Studio's Summer 2015 feature article which explores the historical evolution of technology and UX, and posits the existence of a third Industrial Revolution.

Role: Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Illustration, Copywriting
TotalGrow is a startup company that, through scientific research and clever engineering, has developed a better LED lighting system for greenhouse growers.

TotalGrow Greenhouse Lighting

TotalGrow lighting uses a new LED technology which only emits light at the wavelengths most advantageous for plant growth.

Role: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Video Production
Ohio History Connection, formerly known as The Ohio Historical Society, is a non-profit based in Columbus, Ohio that archives and exhibits Ohio history, and hosts live events to garner interest in Ohio history.

Civil War Reenactment

Every summer Ohio History Connection stages a Civil War battle in the Ohio Village, a replica 19th century village located right in its back yard, as a part of their event honoring Civil Way history, A House Divided.

Role: Photography

Case Histories

The Ohio History Connection's "Case Histories" are traveling exhibits sent to classrooms around the country. They exploring certain topics and periods of history, including slavery and post-war America.

Role: Photography

Event & Studio Photography

Every summer Ohio state senators face off against the Ohio Village Historical Muffins, Ohio History Connection's baseball team, in a baseball game downtown in front of the Ohio Statehouse.

Role: Photography
Action for Children is a not-for-profit organization that teaches the best practices of early childhood education to parents and teachers

Happy, Healthy Children Video Series

The Happy Healthy Children program brings parents and childcare educators together to learn about the benefits of healthy eating and outdoor play. The online video series supplement reinforced key concepts introduced in the program and kept its participants engaged between classes.

Role: Video Production, Motion Graphics